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The History Of Van Security Systems

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Security Locks For Vans

There are many types of van security locks. These include deadlocksand locks that slam and gear levers. However, it is important to find a lock that will best suit your specific needs. This is particularly important when you have an cargo van.


Van deadlocks are the perfect way to improve your vehicle's security. This is because they offer an extra locking point for your van's doors. They are mechanical and require an open key.

The locks are usually made out of a galvanised steel body. The front of the cylinder is adorned with an escutcheon made of black, high-quality plastic. It is UV-treated, and is designed to deter thieves.

Another advantage of van lock security deadlocks is that are designed to prevent your door from being bent. They are a security measure that tradesmen will appreciate. Broken vans can cost thousands of dollars worth of equipment and goods.

When selecting a deadlock to secure your van, make sure that it is of top quality and is a Thatcham approved product. The best security measures will help you reduce your insurance premiums and protect your vehicle.

You can install the deadlock yourself , or hire an MLA-approved locksmith it for you. The cost of installation is included in the cost of the lock.

You'll have to think about the price of your van and the kind of lock you are looking for when deciding on which lock to purchase. There are a myriad of options, and each one is designed to provide the highest security.

A deadlock for a van is a crucial security measure and should be installed only by a professional. It is possible to add an auto deadlock to your vehicle, however it is worthwhile to spend the time and money to make sure it is properly fitted.

Slam locks

Van Slam locks provide a high level of security for vehicles. They are simple to install, and provide a physical deterrent to any attacker. This type of lock can be put on the rear, front or side doors of vans.

The van door locks automatically when it is closed. The lock can be controlled remotely. These slam locks are ideal for deliveries that are frequent and multiple-drop.

Slam locks also prevent the possibility of opportunist theft. Slam locks can be locked by itself. It is necessary to lock and unlock the door from the inside using deadlocks.

For Van Security Locks Fitted Near Me a more comprehensive security upgrade, an slam handle kit may be purchased. The kit comes with a replacement handle, cables and relays and offers a complete security upgrade.

They are designed to be a direct replacement for the handle of the manufacturer. These slam handles offer a complete security upgrade and are safer than remote-controlled locks for slams.

A slam lock for vans is a simple and efficient way to secure your business. It offers peace of mind, especially in traffic.

Choosing the correct van lock is crucial. It is important to think about the model, make, and model of your van and budget. There are various types of van locks and your options may vary depending on your requirements.

One of the most popular improvements for nearly all van manufacturers in the UK is an lock that slams. They provide a secure and effective solution to the threat of potential thieves.

There are a variety of businesses that provide slam lock services for vans. Garrison Locks is one company that can help you find and install the perfect van security locks fitted near me (Read This method) lock to fit your vehicle.

Locks on steering wheel

Installing security locks on the steering wheel of your vehicle can help to prevent theft. These locks are very visible and can deter theft. There are several types of these locks and they offer varying levels of security van locks.

The most effective is a durable device such as the Disklok. It is constructed of hardened steel and can weigh up to 11 pounds. Not only does it secure the steering wheel, it covers it entirely.

Another great product is the kroolok "crook lock" type pedal that is attached to the steering wheel security lock. This one is made in Germany and ensures the safety of your steering wheel. It features a bright yellow or red design that is visible from some distance.

Other devices are designed to guard your hand brake and gear stick. They may not be as robust as a locking steering wheel but they'll keep your vehicle safe from harm's way.

It is vital to ensure that your wheels are in place to stop break-ins. These devices are simple to install and are available in various designs.

There is also a keyless entry option. Certain insurers offer discounts on these types of products. To unlock your vehicle, you can use an app for your smartphone and a key card.

A lot of products on the market today are confusing. The most straightforward security lock to use is one that is easy to use. This can help in preventing thieves from entering your home. The best lock will ensure that your vehicle is protected from prying eyes and out of the minds of thieves.

For more information about this topic, take a look at the BASI website. Their expert advice will assist you in selecting the best product for your vehicle.

Gear lever locks

A great security option for your vehicle is a lock that is a gear lever. They are affordable and simple to install. They also serve as an incentive for thieves. These devices are attached to the handbrake, gear stick, or other important parts of your vehicle. They also prevent it being stolen from the "park" position.

You can also add mechanical immobilizers for your van's steering column. They are standard on newer vehicles, but can be retrofitted to an older model. This is especially beneficial for vans with a catalytic converter, because they contain precious metals.

A slam lock is a different option for van security. This is ideal for heavy parcel delivery. This lock is essential for delivery drivers, as it ensures that the parcel is locked inside. It can be mounted on the driver's side, or even the back door.

A van is also equipped with a lockbox which will keep your tools and other equipment secure. It is possible to upgrade to the most advanced version of the locks on your van. While some van models come with basic locks, others have more sophisticated options. There are also security cages which can be fitted to the floor of your van. They provide an additional layer of protection as they are a space-consuming addition to the vehicle.

The ideal van security lock installation lock for you will depend on your location, budget and requirements. For example, a slam lock may be the best option for regular use, whereas a mechanical immobilizer might be better suited for occasional use. Before you make a decision it is crucial to consider all possible options. It's worth your time and money to discover the most appropriate one for your needs.

Upfit Supply cargo van door lock kits

Installing a lock of high-quality is the best method to secure your cargo van's valuables. There are many options. You can secure each entry point, making it impossible for thieves.

Upfit Supply offers cargo van door locks to enhance the security of your truck. These kits are constructed of robust materials that are resistant to forced entry and theft. In addition, they have heavy-duty stainless steel locks and cylinders with keys to provide a dependable solution to protecting your vehicle's most important assets.

A Thunderbolt deadbolt lock is an option for cargo vans without an entry system that is keyless. This lock is among the most difficult to break into , and it includes a remote control module. It can be used with OEM keys and can secure the entire van's entry point.

A Legend Fleet Solutions lock can be added to your vehicle for extra security. It is known as a European van market product that provides an affordable, vehicle-specific solution for securing your cargo. It is different from other locks in that it cannot be removed without the use of a saw or any other cutting tools. The lock is also installed into the door for additional security.

If you need to secure your van's side sliding doors You can also buy a Slick Lock. Made of a robust steel lock, it is simple to install. The key is comprised of steel shanks, which are more durable than brass keys.

To increase the security of your vehicle You can also purchase backup cameras. These cameras can aid you in avoiding accidents when backing up and can improve visibility in dim light.


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